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Choreography Week with Erik Saradpon coming up!

We are so excited to  have Erik Saradpon back at the studio for choreography! Erik will be here October 1-3rd. This is mandatory for all APEX and Academy dancers. Routine choreography prices are $183 perdancers per routine and due no later then October 1st. (Competition credit cannot be used towards choreography fees). 

Choreographed Routines
Production (Jr,Tn,Sr APEX and Jr,Tn,Sr Academy)  Friday, October 2nd 3:30-9:30pm  Saturday, October 3rd 9am-2pm. 
 Sr Apex Thursday HH Thursday, October 1st 3pm-6pm Friday, October 2nd 11am-2pm (We understand this is during school, but with a very tight schedule this is what we have to work with!) 

 Jr Apex/Jr Academy Line HH Thursday, October 1st 3pm-6pm Saturday, October 3rd 3pm-6:30pm 

 Sr/Teen Apex Line HH  Thursday, October 1st 6:30pm-9:30pm Saturday, October 3rd 3pm-6:30pm
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Missed small group and Wreck Effect.

Wreck Effect is on Mondays from 4-5. This will be our production routine this year. Members of Wreck Effect are those on, Sr Apex, Teen Apex, Jr Apex, Sr Academy, Teen Academy, and Jr Academy. We missed 1 small group on the schedule. This class is Academy 4 and will be Wednesday from 5-6pm. If youre not part of the small group and on Teen Academy, you will be in Lindseys agility class that hour.Those in the routine are: Preslee Barker Mele Burke Evi Searle Aspen Reeve Alyssa Anderson Kailee Jamison Camdyn Clonts Eden Martinez Demi Larson

Sabrina Phillip Master Class and Solo Opportunity

We are excited to have Sabrina Phillip here THIS FRIDAY September 18th 4-5:30  cost of the master class is $25. We only have room for 20 dancers so make sure to notify the office ASAP if you would like to attend. 
Sabrina has an open spot to do a solo. This would be a 5 hour slot during the day Friday. If you're interested in this solo spot. Please email Stephanie at for cost.


We are incredibly excited to have everyone back in the studio beginning Monday September 14th. Just a few quick things before classes start tomorrow. Remember to wear your mask in the hallways and bring your own water bottles.If you still need to do registration we can do that on your first day back!  A few changes have been made to the schedule, while we have worked hard to notify those who it has effected, there is a chance we may have missed you. Feel free to email and we can send out the schedule. 
Small groups were considered during auditions and are listed below: APEX 1 Kate BaldwinSophie BaldwinKorynn Peterson Auren SquiresKambree Morris Mazzy SquiresKennedy BaxterLondon Andreasen 
APEX 2 Maile JudkinsLainee Wilde Skylar Hess Lexi BoneySailyr HessLivi ShawLexee AllenAvery Wilson
APEX 3 Kaya ZundelAzure StettlerBrooke MyersSadie JohnsonKate Barrong

Urgent Response for APEX and ACADEMY

We are excited to start up our season! We need feedback from our Apex and Academy teams ASAP.  please email your response to infinitydanceinfo@gmail.com1. if you're only going to do the required team routines we need to know ASAP2. If you're wanting to take extra training classes on Tuesdays we need to know that too.3. This is a nationals year for our Apex and Academy dancers. Nationals TBA soon but will be July 3-9th in Vegas or July 5-10 in Anaheim. Nationals is required for out Advanced Dancers and Pre-Professional teams (Apex and Academy) If for some reason you're unable to commit to this we need to know ASAP. 4. We will be in the studio tomorrow from 4-6 pm to do registration we ask that you wear a mask when attending. If you're unable to come tomorrow, we can finalize registration during class times the first week. 

Open Registration Classes

We are excited to announce that we do have open registration for some of our Rec classes. While i'm still working out a few details with our online registration, I wanted to post class information and give you the option to register for classes via emailing into the studio at or you can register in person Thursday September 10th  from 4-6pm. We should have Auditioned results posted this evening and those class registration times will be posted soon! 
3&4REC - REC - Bee Boppers (A Class) - Ages: 3 - 5 Mon - 4:00pm - 14 Max Enrollment
5&6REC - REC - Sparkle & Spunk (A Class) - Ages: 5 - 7 Mon - 4:00pm 14 Max Enrollment
7-9REC - REC - Eight Counts - Ages: 7 - 9 Mon - 4:00pm - 5:00pm 12 Max Enrollment
HH 8-10 - REC - Funkey Monkeys Hip Hop 8-10 Level 1 - Ages: 8 - 10 Tue - 4:00pm - 5:00pm 12 Max Enrollment
A ACRO - REC - Cirque Acro Level 1 ages 8-10 - Ages: 8 - 10 Tue - 5:00pm - 6:00pm 12 Max Enrollment