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Free Summer Youth Dance Camp: Aug 8-9!

New DATES!! We will be holding a free summer dance camp at the Ogden Studio August 8-9. Classes will be offered for ages 5-7 and 8-10 from 5:00-7:00 pm both days. Staff will be available to answer questions and assist with registration for recreational classes during that time.

This is an open camp for anyone who wants to attend! Email to register with your child's name, age and parent email for contact. Thanks!!
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Spotlight DVD Info

Spotlight DVDs are available in the Ogden Office. If you ordered a DVD and haven't received it yet, please call the Ogden Office at 801.393.5200. We were shorted a number of DVDs from Spotlight and are working with them to ensure all copies are received. Thanks!

Student Pick Up Policy

Hello! A friendly reminder that students must be picked up on time! Last week we had quite a few little dancers waiting for parents to pick them up for over an hour after classes ended 😃!! Staff are scheduled at the Studio only during class times and are not available/responsible to watch children after regular class hours. Thank you for being mindful of prompt pick up!

HV Nationals Rehearsal in Cali - July 7

A rehearsal will be held on Saturday, July 7, in California. You will be text the location where to meet. Everyone in group routines:
2:30-4 pm Awake Inside a Dream 4:00-6 pm Assassin, Mourn, Thirsty, Music Box
Good luck, dancers! We are super proud to have you represent!!

Studio Break: July 2-6

Reminder: No REGULAR classes will be held at either Studio July 2-6. Enjoy the week off and we will see everyone back on July 9!  God bless America and let freedom ring...

Aspire Dance Pro Pics!

Thanks to our awesome friends at Aspire Dance Pro for sharing these great pics! Follow Aspire Dance Pro on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and be the first to see new photos. They will be posting photos from the 2018 season all summer! AspireFBBe sure to TAG yourself and your friends! And they asked us to let you know it’s no too late to order photos from the Ogden event Order Photos Here

Another Teen ADP Auditioned Small Group Result!

The following dancers have been selected for the Teen ADP Auditioned Small Group with Kassie. This was a very hard decision! Everyone was great! If you were selected for this routine, please plan accordingly for additional costume and competition fees. Thanks!! 😊

Kaylee A Alyiah R Mazzy S Sadie W Olivia P Ashlynn W Annelise Y McKelle F Sydney S