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Spotlight Critiques

Spotlight has posted competition critiques on the main Infinity Studio registration account. Our studio choreographers have access to critiques and have been asked to share them with all their soloists. Please contact your teacher to make arrangements to review the judge's comments. Thanks!

Utah Dance Fest Solos

The following dancers have been registered for Utah Dance Fest on April 24 & 25. Please let me know immediately if any changes need to be made! Thanks!!

Addison Bell14Pre-Professional - previously won 1st place in adv. categoriesjazz
Ainslee Banta9Intermediate - average ability for their agejazz
Alanys Castellanos12Intermediate - average ability for their agejazz
Alexis Rodriguez12Intermediate - average ability for their agecontemporary/modernAspen Wardle8Novice - beginning level dancer(s)jazz
Audrey Seidel16Intermediate - average ability for their agecontemporary/modernAveri Clark10Intermediate - average ability for their agelyrical
Avery Bell13Advance - above average, competition experiencecontemporary/modernAvery Bell13Advance - above average, competition experiencecontemporary/modernAzure Stettler9Novice - beginning level dancer(s)jazz
Baylee Miller10Intermediate - average ability for their agejazz
Brandie Huddleston13Intermediate - average ability for their agejazz
Brelynn Buck8Inte…

TMT Preliminary Schedule

Below is the preliminary solo/duo schedule for the TMT competition at Ogden High School. Please let me know if any corrections need to be made by Tuesday night, March 24. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE ONCE THE LINE UP IS SUBMITTED on Wednesday morning.

Remember, this competition is COMPLETELY full and there are still soloists on the wait list. If you aren't able to compete at your scheduled time, they will be happy to fill any cancelled slots. Thanks!
Friday Competition (April 17)
 6 B Solo Junior Amateur Jazz Stupid Cupid 1:43 PM

10 B Solo Junior Amateur Jazz Sweet Blossom 1:56 PM

11 B Solo Mini Amateur Lyrical You Are My Sunshine 1:59 PM

17 B Solo Mini Amat/Inter Jazz Donatella 2:17 PM

18 B Solo Junior Intermediate Jazz Shake It Off 2:20 PM

21 B Solo Mini Amat/Inter Jazz It's A Girl Thing 2:30 PM

22 B Solo Junior Amat/Intermediate Jazz Money Makes Her Smile 2:33 PM

30 B Solo Junior Intermediate Contemporary Roughcut 2:56 PM

31 B Solo Mini Amat/Inter Lyrical Anywhere Place 2:59 PM

42 B Solo Ju…

You Can Make a Difference!

Updated Bonneville Performance Info!! Routine Changes

Reminder - Bonneville Lakette performance on Wednesday, March 25. Please note several of the routines to be performed have changed:
Routines to be performed: Outliers
Pursuit Apollo 13 99 Red Balloons
Wherever He Ain't Lego Dance Party
Show starts at 6:00 p.m. Please plan to arrive at 5:15. Cost is $5 for admission. Classes will be held at regular schedule for all teams not involved in the performance. Thanks!

Spotlight Participant & Spectator Guidelines


DANCE TEACHERS: Please Distribute To All Competition Participants And Spectators! 

 Recording and transmitting devices of any kind are strictly prohibited. 
 Enter and exit theater between routines only and please stay seated during performances.
 Food and beverage are not permitted in the theater.
 No smoking permitted.
 All dancers are required to wear a cover up while in the theater and public areas of the facility.
 Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants, teachers, and spectators at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.
 Your applause and cheering is welcome and encouraged. However, screaming will not be permitted. Please show all dancers your support and respect!
 Spectator admission is free of charge.

 The doors to the venue will open 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the competition as indicated on the schedule--no exceptions.
 Performance music to…

More Spotlight Info!

Dance Down: All dancers have the opportunity to participate in the Dance Down. Tickets may be purchased the day of the event at the Spotlight Boutique for $15 any time prior to the Dance Down. Dance Downs will be held in two age divisions, age 12 & under (suggested minimum age of 8) and ages 13-19, and will be held at the times indicated on the enclosed Event Schedule. Please note that dancers are to enter the Dance Down based on their age as of the day the Dance Down is held. Your dancers won’t want to miss out on the fun of this audition type category!

Awards Ceremony: Awards will be presented per the schedule at the conclusion of the Division/Group Size.
Remain In Costume: All dancers are to remain in costume or team uniform for the awards ceremony— street clothes are not permitted. Dancers participating in the Dance Down may wear their dance attire.
Remain In Audience Or Backstage: It is requested that all dancers remain in the audience or backstage until instructed to approach…

Important Parking Information for Spotlight!!

Below is information from Weber State regardingparkingfor our eventon Friday:
Here is our website link for parking instructions and driving directions. On Friday, April 20th from early morning until 4:30pm all cars will either need a $2 parking pass to be used in any W Lot or use the pay lot in front of the browning center and pay hourly.
Parking passes can be purchased at the info booth (that has a drive thru) or at the parking services building that has MOVED to the Annex 9/ Annex10 location on the map.
Thanks! Spotlight Dance Cup

Thursday Schedule - March 19

Reminder - NO Classes will be held at the Brigham Studio tonight due to the Spotlight Competition. There will be office coverage from 4:30-6:00 p.m. 

All classes will be held at regular schedule, except Ogden Junior and Teen ITC will be having a dress rehearsal from 7-8 p.m. and will come for only one hour.


Spring Break Dates

Spring is almost here!! Please note the following dates for Spring Break:
Ogden Studio (Weber District) March 30-31, April 1-3 Brigham Studio (Box Elder District) April 6-10
No classes will be held during the break. Have fun and enjoy your time off!!

Brigham Recital Rescheduled!! Please SAVE THE NEW DATE - May 21

We were just notified by Box Elder High School that the Brigham Studio recital has to be moved to a different date. We are waiting for confirmation but anticipate that the recital will be held on THURSDAY, MAY 21, with the recital rehearsal on MAY 19. 
Additional information will be posted as soon as the dates are confirmed by the high school. Please make the change on your calendars and watch for more details to come. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this unforeseen situation and appreciate your understanding!

Tiny IPC - Important Spotlight Update

Several of the Tiny IPC dancers have a school event that conflicts with their competition time on Friday afternoon. Since this event involves over half the team, we have requested to move their routines (Playground and Photo Booth) to perform between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.
Parents, please have your Tiny IPC dancer arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. with hair and make up done. Spotlight often runs ahead of schedule and the team must be there ready to go when called so they don't miss their performance opportunity. Please help share this information with all the dancers on the team. Thanks!

Spotlight Information for JeriAnn & Jenessa's Classes

We have several teams competing for the first time at Spotlight! Here is information especially for the Comp 3&4, Comp 4&5, Comp 5&6, Comp 7&8 year olds and the Ogden Junior and Teen ITC teams.
We are very excited for our competition this weekend at Weber State University's Browning Center! Miss Jenessa and Miss JeriAnn’s teams perform in Venue 1, which is the Allred Theater. This is the address: | 1901 University Circle | Ogden, Utah 84408
I'm Cute (Comp 3&4): ·Friday March 20th arrive by 12:30 p.m. ·Performance time 2:19 p.m. ·Costume, tights and gore boots ·Comp hair & make-up (no eyelashes needed)
Magic Carpet Ride (Comp 7&8): ·Friday March 20th arrive by 12:45 p.m. ·Performance time 2:37 p.m. ·Leotard with skirt, tan tights and gore boots ·Comp hair & make-up (no eyelashes needed)
Shake Your Tail Feathers (Comp 4&5): ·Friday March 20th arrive by 12:10 p.m. ·Performance time 2:11 p.m. ·Costume, footless tights, bare feet ·