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It's almost time for our first show! Here are some details about what to expect for the onstage rehearsals and performance on Saturday. Reminder: if you haven’t signed your release waiver for Kingsbury Hall please bring it to the performance tonight and give it to me. I’ll be mailing them in on Monday morning.

Chucky Cast
You will need to arrive at 4:00 pm. We will meet in the auditorium at Weber University Browning Center. Please only send in your dancer, no parents allowed. You will be taken to a dressing room to get sized for your Chucky costumes and wigs. In order for the wigs to be secure, please come with your hair in tight french braids so it can be easily tucked under the wig. We will be given a lesson on how to do the Chucky makeup.

Please bring:
Your plastic knife prop
 black liquid eye liner
red lipstick
Wig cap (if possible)
Black camisole/sports bra for under the costume
Black knee high socks

Once we are ready we will begin our spacing rehearsal o…

D4D performance info

For the D4D dance... Call time for dancers is 3:45. Dancers must be there on TIME !!  Full rehearsal is 5:45 and the show starts at 6:30. Dancer participating have a $20 performance fee/donation. With their donation dancers will receive three tickets and a raffle ticket. Bring black leggings and a shirt is being made and will be passed out my Ellie on Friday ! Thank you so much. D4D always !

Insane Infinity Intensive Faculty - Oct 6-7!!

Check out this who's who of the Intensive faculty! You won't believe it!! Can it get any better than this!?!

Bring Pen/Pencil to TamJams Workshop

Tamara has asked each dancer to bring a pen or pencil to the TamJams workshop tomorrow. Thanks!!

Payment Reminders: Costumes, Choreography, Infinity Intensive

There is a lot going on at the studio in the next few weeks!! Please make note of the following:
Now through October 2 – Scentsy Fundraiser
September 16 - TamJams Elite Performance Workshop and D4D video shoot. Bring your black attire for the video and a pen or pencil for the workshop (Registration $75 in advance/$90 at the door September 19, 20, 21, 23 – Thriller rehearsals September 21 – Infinity Intensive Payment due (late fees added Oct. 4). Required for all company dancers. ADP & IDC dancers $250 (2-day), IPC dancers and Brigham Mini ADP $125 (1-day Saturday). Tiny IPC $100 (1 shorter-day). September 22-23 -Alexander’s Choreography. Dancers in the routine have been notified. Choreography fees due 9/20. Check with the office for your balance September 23- Alexander’s Master Class. Pre-register by e-mail and bring $25 to pay at the door September 28 – ½ costume payment due all companies. Balance will be due the end of October September 29 – Rockin’ Kids Performance SLC (senior ADP per…

Infinity Video Costuming & TamJams Workshop Info.

Dancers participating in the D4D Infinity Video should wear all black for the video recording. Please bring your black pieces with you in the morning so you can change and get ready right after the workshop. The video rehearsal and shoot will be after the TamJams training.

Reminder the price has been reduced to just $75!! Be sure you have registered for the workshop here.
The Elite Performance Training Workshop is open to all Infinity dancers ages 10 & up. See the rehearsal and filming time below for those  in the D4D video.
There are still several students who MISSED Full Out and have not yet registered for the workshop. You won't find another make up convention so close to home for a better price!! Thanks!

Important Dates: Alexander's Routine Choreography

Dates for Alexander's routine rehearsals have been set: September 22 4-9 p.m. September 23 9-1 p.m.
September 23 2-3:30 p.m. (master class) *be sure you have pre-registered by e-mailing
Please check with the office if you have questions regarding choreography fees (due 9/20).

Required Ballet Attire!!!

A message from Mandy:

A firm reminder to all company dancers that proper ballet attire is REQUIRED. Please refer to the company requirements provided at auditions and the contract signed at registration.

I agree to and understand my obligation to the company on which I am placed. I understand the Attendance, Attire, Fees, and any other requirements which pertain to my company.  I understand that ballet is a requirement of my team and I will adhere to all attire and attendance requirements. I will come to class on time and prepared each week.

Ballet: It is REQUIRED that each student IPC, IDC, and ADP dancer own and wear proper ballet attire to all ballet classes. Black leotard, pink tights (no holes), proper ballet shoes.  

Students not dressed properly will not be permitted to take class and will be required to make up any classes missed for non-participation. Please check with the office if you have any questions regarding proper attire. Thanks!

Scentsy Fundraiser Packets Available!

Scentsy fundraiser packets are available at both studios. Sale dates are now through Oct. 2, with an estimated delivery date the week of October 16. If any of your customers want Halloween items, they can be ordered online and shipped immediately to be enjoyed for the entire month. Instructions and all information is in each packet. Call or text Samantha Cheney if you have questions 801.663.3477.

Reminder, dancers earn 25% of all sales!! You are strongly encouraged to participate in this opportunity to help with upcoming costume, choreography and competition fees. We have a lot coming up in the next few months. Thanks!!

Scentsy Fundraiser is Coming!

Scentsy fundraiser packets are coming to both Studios. This is a great opportunity to earn credit toward upcoming costume and competition expenses! Instructions for the fundraiser will be listed on the back of the packets. Watch for selling dates and more info to be posted soon! 

Fall Classes Begin September 11!

Fall classes begin tomorrow, September 11. We still have a few openings in some classes. Please call or come to the studio during office hours, Monday-Thursday from 4-8 p.m. for more info!

Let your friends/family know to come in ASAP if they missed registration. Thanks!

OGDEN STUDIO 2761 S 1900 W, Ogden UT (801) 393-5200
BRIGHAM STUDIO 63 S Main, Brigham City UT (435) 723-1909  

Peach Days Parade & Performance

We are #44. Dancers are to arrive ready to go at 8:45 a.m. The parade will begin promptly at 10. Our check in station is E4 in front of the Chim Chimney Fireplace store (467 S Main) on Main Street. Please access from 500 South and 100 East. Main Street will be blocked off so plan to park near 100 East and walk to Main Street on 500 South.

All dancers in the parade will need to provide their own:
black out converse shoes with no-show socks
black sports bra
black hot shorts (wear under the parade shorts)
competition earrings (or large rhinestone earrings)

Hair in boxer braids (two french braids all the way down the back with part in the middle). Slick part and use plenty of gel and finishing spray to stay secure with no flyaways.
Competition Make Up
Eye shadow in brown tones
Black eyeliner and lots of masacara
Red lipstick

5:00 p.m. Performance at Main Street Stage (58 North Main in the plaza next to the…

IMPORTANT: Thriller Rehearsal Schedule and Info!

A message from the director of Odyssey:
Hey Thriller Participants!
Thanks so much for auditioning for Thriller this year! We are excited to have you involved and hope it is a great experience! Below is general information that should cover all the details you need. Dancers selected for the show should have received an e-mail with rehearsal information and video links to choreography. If you didn’t receive it or have questions, please contact McKenna ASAP (
THE DEADLINE TO ORDER ODT ZOMBIE 2017 T-SHIRTS AND LEGGINGS IS TOMORROW, SEPT. 8, AT 8 PM! Please refer to the instructions in the e-mail from McKenna and respond with all the requested information. Help share this info with other cast members to make sure they received the message.
Chucky Rehearsal Schedule Thursday, September 14th, 8:00-9:00 Friday, September 15th, 5:00-6:00 Tuesday, September 19th, 5:00-6:00 Thursday, September 21st, 8:00-9:00 Saturday, September 23rd (After the master class), 4:00-5:00 *ALL INF…

Alexander Chung's Master Class - SEPT 23!!!

E-mail to register!!

September Calendar

IMPORTANT Peach Days: Practice, Parade & Performance

Please be sure you have everything set on your calendar this week:

4:00-5:30 p.m. at the BRIGHAM STUDIO (63 S Main)
Beautiful Mess
Solo Dancing
Raining in Baltimore
(Solos/duos also invited to rehearse)

6:00-7:30 p.m. Evening road rehearsal. Meet at the Room Loft in Brigham City, 475 E 1000 S, Brigham City. Wear sunscreen and bring water! Costumes will be handed out at the end of rehearsal. Please make sure your payment has been made.

We are #44. Dancers are to arrive ready to go at 8:45 a.m. The parade will begin promptly at 10. Our check in station is E4 in front of the Chim Chimney Fireplace store (467 S Main) on Main Street. Please access from 500 South and 100 East. Main Street will be blocked off so plan to park near 100 East and walk to Main Street on 500 South.

All dancers in the parade will need to provide their own:

Corrected Registration Link - Elite Performance Training!

The link for the Elite Performance Training has been updated with the correct $75 pricing. Register here

Schedule for the Elite Performance Training Workshop open to all Infinity dancers ages 10 & up is below. Please note the additional rehearsal and filming time for those participating in the D4D video number. 

If you MISSED Full Out, be sure you have registered. You won't find another make up convention so close to home for a better price!! Thanks!

Thriller Auditions SEP 6

Thriller Auditions have been scheduled for Wednesday, September 6 at the Ogden Studio:

4:00-4:45 Chucky (ages 9-13)
4:45-5:30 Zombies (ages 14+)

Visit Odyssey's site to learn more about the show