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October 2014 Calendar

Ogden Fall Schedule - Updates

Please check your team schedule for updates!

Spring 2015 Competitions - SAVE THE DATES

We are in the process of finalizing our competition schedule for the upcoming season. The final schedule will be available sometime in October. In the meantime, please save the following dates:
February 20 & 21 March 6 & 7 March 20 & 21 April 17 & 18 April 24 & 25
Watch for more details to be posted as they become available. Thanks!!

Ogden Studio Schedule - Starting 9/29

We are VERY excited to have our additional rooms ready so we can transition to our expanded schedule starting Monday, September 29!!
Please note we have added more options with recreational, technique, acro, and adult classes! Kassie will be teaching adult Strength and Stretch starting Thursday, October 2. All other adult classes will begin once the new studio is complete.
We are so pleased with the training and development that is taking place and appreciate your continued support!!

Warm Ups Payment DUE!

Reminder - ALL dancers on auditioned teams will be receiving new warm ups this year. We had the previous sets for four years and it is time for an upgrade! Warm ups were listed on the Team Requirement sheets prior to auditions.

Payment is DUE! If you haven't already done so, this is the LAST chance to verify sizes and the name that will be embroidered on the jackets before they are shipped. Dancers who were in the Peach Days Parade will already have the pants and only need to order a jacket at this time. Please check with the office if you have any questions. Thanks!

Ogden Studio Update

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity for additional space open up in our current location as the new Studio is being constructed. We are hard at work preparing for our new facility and are so excited to be able to arrange for two more rooms during the interim! This will allow us to transition to our permanent schedule sooner than anticipated!!!
The floors are being installed in the new rooms and we hope to have them finished and ready to go by next week. Watch for more updates shortly and get ready to free up your Fridays again :)

Dance with the Judges Schedule

Here is the class schedule for those attending Dance with the Judges tomorrow:

Dance with the Judges 2014 WORKSHOP AGENDA
TECHNIQUE CLASSES: 10-10:55 Jared & Rebecca dance studio Group A Bonnie Story gym Group B Jason Celaya aerobics room Group C
11-11:55 Jared & Rebecca dance studio Group B Bonnie Story gym Group C Jason Celaya aerobics room Group A
12-12:55 Jared & Rebecca dance studio Group C Bonnie Story gym Group A Jason Celaya aerobics room Group B
1-1:45 LUNCH BREAK Spectators may purchase a lunch for $6
DANCE/CHOREO CLASSES: 1:45-2:30 Jared & Rebecca aerobics room Group B Bonnie dance studio Group C Jason gym Group A
2:30-3:15 Jared & Rebecca dance studio Group C Bonnie gym Group A Jason aerobics room Group B
3:15-4:00 Jared & Rebecca gym Group A Bonnie aerobics room Group B Jason dance studio Group C
4:15-5:00 Class SHOW OFF and “You Think You Can Dance” SHOW in Gym

Warm Up Orders NOW DUE!

Warm up orders are being sent in tomorrow (Thursday, 9/18) night. Studio warm ups are required for all auditioned competition teams. Non-auditioned teams will be ordering t-shirts to wear for their competition later in the season.

Please make sure your dancer has tried on the sample sizes and has had the spelling of their name checked for the customized embroidery. We will likely have the same travel attire for several years so please allow for some growing room. Also, remember, warm ups payment is due next week. Thanks!

Week at a Glance - September 15

9/15 - 9/16 (Monday & Tuesday) regular classes at both Studios. Costume payment NOW DUE
9/17 (Wednesday) regular classes at both Studios 
8:00-9:00 p.m. Master Class with Chris Castillo (Ogden Studio). All advanced dancers are invited and highly encouraged to participate. Cost is only $10. 
9/18 - 9/19 (Thursday & Friday)regular classes at both Studios
9/20 (Saturday)10:00-1:00 Amber's IDC Rehearsal (Brigham)
Dance with the Judges Make Up Convention (Logan) 

**Warm ups samples will be at the Brigham Studio this week. Parents, please come in to verify sizing and spelling of name for all dancers on competition teams.

Peanut Butter Jamm - November 1!

This is an optional event to support the Will Dance for Food Kid's Project! It is GREAT fun and a worthy cause. Attendance is optional but highly encouraged! You are welcome to come and cheer for your friends, even if you don't participate in the Jamm.

Mark Your Calendars, Spread The Word & DON'T MISS THE FUN!

Kick-Off Event for

* UDO Dance Battle Class * Open Styles 2 On 2 Dance Battle * Cash Prizes
* Prizes for most peanutbutter collected * Entrance is a jar of peanutbutter for the Utah Food Bank Backpack Program

Watch For More Details at & Facebook

September Costume Payment - Now Due

Reminder - the 3rd costume payment is now due. Please refer to the monthly calendars for fees by team.

Thank you to all those who have made regular payments. You will be glad you did! 

There are several dancers who have missed monthly payments. The costume balance is due in full in October. Please start making payments now so you won't have a large balance due all at once.

Warm ups for all competition teams are also due the 24th of this month. Please be planning ahead :)

Boys Hip Hop Crew Classes!

We still have openings in our Boys Hip Hop classes at both Studios! These classes are taught by Karson Orr. She is AMAZING and is known throughout northern Utah for her awesome hip hop routines!
Boys will love her classes and being part of the crew! We are offering everyone the chance to come and try a class for free. Bring your friends, check it out, and get in on the action!
Ogden Studio Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m. (Boys ages 5-8) 8:00-9:00 p.m. (Boys ages 9+)
Brigham Studio Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 p.m. (Boys all ages)

Introducing Our Infinity Studio Coordinators

We want to send out a warm welcome to everyone as we start our fall session at Infinity!! We are so excited to have our recreational classes begin, in addition to having our competitive team dancers returning.

As our program grows, we have created several positions as Team Coordinators to help keep our training programs running most efficiently.  The Coordinators will assist with information or pressing situations that require attention beyond general office inquiries. The Coordinators will also facilitate any matters requiring the attention of the director.

Please keep in mind we have a large number of students and our Coordinators are also busy instructing your dancers. They are there to assist when an urgent need arises and will coordinate services for you as quickly as time permits.

The office staff are the first point of contact for all general questions and inquiriesThe blog is kept current with all need-to-know information for the Studio. Use the subscribe feature to receive notif…

September 2014 Calendar

Fall Classes Start September 8!

Fall schedules of classes starting tomorrow. Please note a change for the Saturday ballet classes. Unfortunately, our ballet teacher has been advised not to work temporarily due to health reasons. We are happy to offer technique classes with Jenessa in their place.
We hope you enjoyed the break! We can't wait to see everyone back and welcome all our new friends!!

Make Up Conventions - Dance with Judges Update

We did not have the minimum number of dancers register for Dance with the Judges in order to receive the group discount. Please be aware that the cost for those registered is $125.

You can also attend Rap it Up on September 27 to make up for Full Out. Cost is $100 if registered by September 6. If you want to attend Rap it Up, register directly at

Important Peach Days Parade Info

Peach Days Parade - We are #56 and our check in station is W5. This is near the corner of 600 South and Main Street. Please enter from 600 South. Our vehicle is required to be there at 8:30 a.m.

9:00 a.m. Dancers line up in the middle of the block between 500 and 600 South on the west side of Main Street. This is north of 7-11 and in front of the park across Main Street from Pizza Hut.

Main Street will be closed so plan on parking several blocks to the west and walking to the check in station to drop off dancers. The parade ends at 600 North. Please make arrangements to pick up your dancer immediately after they reach the end of the parade route. Dancers must be picked up by a parent within 5 minutes of finishing or have note giving permission for other arrangements.

Costume: Tank top, leggings, pull over shirt, classic black high-top converse, black socks (that don't show). The tank tops and leggings will be handed out on Thursday at the end of parade practice. Our pullovers are bei…

Peach Days Parade & Performance - Week of 9/1

Thursday, September 4 - Final parade rehearsal:
6:00-7:30 p.m. (Meet at The Room Loft - 475 E 1000 S, Brigham City). Bring a water bottle - dancers will practice marching on the pavement and receive costumes. Remember dancers must provide their own (classic) black high-top Converse.

Saturday, September 6 - Peach Days Parade:
9:00 a.m. Line up for Peach Days Parade (watch for line up number and location TBA). Parade starts at 10:00 a.m.

Saturday, September 6 - Peach Days Performance:
5:30 p.m. (Girls, Meant for the Stage, Slip Slidin', Legit and other solos). We will meet at the Brigham Studio around 4:00 p.m. to mark routines and then walk together to the performance.

Have a great week!

Last Call for Dance with the Judges

Last day to register for Dance with the Judges - if you haven't already registered through the Studio, please go directly to We still need a few more dancers to get the discount. Be sure to indicate you are with Infinity and if we have a total of 15 dancers, UDF will honor the group rate for us.

• $105 per dancer if 15 or more dancers 
registering together 
• $125 per dancer if 1-14 dancers registering 
• $15 late fee per dancer if registration is 
received after September 1, 2014 

• TEACHER PASS: $60 per teacher 
(MUST be 18+ yrs – ID may be requested; must 
be bringing a min of 3 dancers) allows teachers 
to attend any class and dance, watch and/or 
video. Includes lunch 

• SPECTATOR PASS: $15 per person 
Allows watching in any class – no lunch, no 
dancing. Includes show at end of day.