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Save the Date - Sr/Elite ADP Hip Hop

January 18 & 19 has been scheduled for choreography for Alan's hip hop. This is an optional routine. If you choose to participate, please be advised this will involve an extra costume fee and additional rehearsals may be required. This routine won't compete at Hollywood Vibe and will be ready for our March and April competitions. Thanks!

2013 Competition Schedule

Please note:
The Dance for Life competition has been scratched and we are tentatively replacing it with SpotlightHollywood Vibe only has one level (advanced) for competition. All companies will be attending the convention and the teams who compete in the advanced division will be registered for the competitionRecital dates are posted at the bottom of the list to get on your calendar!*Prices are subject to change. Some events have not updated price lists for 2013 yet but use this as a guide for planning. Remember, Hollywood Vibe fees are due on Jan. 3.

The following teams will be competing at Hollywood Vibe: Ogden Elite Company, Brigham and Ogden Senior Companies, and Sr. and Elite ADP.