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Solo Reminders & Competition Info

We are heading in to competition season with only about 9-10 weeks of rehearsals left before our first event! We know everyone will be busy with the upcoming holidays but please remember the importance of making the most of every practice. Be aware that we will likely have a few Saturday rehearsals in order to prepare for Hollywood Vibe. Also, plan for upcoming convention/competition fees that will be due as soon as we come back in January. 

Important Solo Info - Remember to pay your Studio Rental Fee. This should have been paid prior to starting your solo. Also, the Ogden Studio is NOT available for solo rehearsals on Sundays before 1:00 p.m. This time has been designated for cleaning.
Be sure to talk with your choreographer to determine at which events you plan to compete your solo. Paperwork will be available in the offices by the second week in December and deadlines and due dates will also be posted at that time. Soloists will only be registered through the Studio if paperwork and …

2012-2013 Competition Schedule

Please save the dates! Competition prices and due dates will be added soon!
We are considering a change with Dance for Life. Please check back regularly for updates!

Ballroom Shoes have Arrived!

Attention Sr. & Elite ADP: Ballroom shoes have been ordered and arrived but only a few people have paid for them, so far. Total due is $51.41*. Make payment directly TO Carrie, not the Studio. Please bring your money ASAP so she can distribute them and the girls can practice in the correct shoes. THANKS!!
(*We had to use an alternate supplier so the price is slightly higher than originally quoted.)