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Spotlight Participant & Spectator Guidelines


DANCE TEACHERS: Please Distribute To All Competition Participants And Spectators! 

 Recording and transmitting devices of any kind are strictly prohibited. 
 Enter and exit theater between routines only and please stay seated during performances.
 Food and beverage are not permitted in the theater.
 No smoking permitted.
 All dancers are required to wear a cover up while in the theater and public areas of the facility.
 Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants, teachers, and spectators at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.
 Your applause and cheering is welcome and encouraged. However, screaming will not be permitted. Please show all dancers your support and respect!
 Spectator admission is free of charge.

 The doors to the venue will open 30-45 minutes prior to the start of the competition as indicated on the schedule--no exceptions.
 Performance music to be turned in at Teacher Check-In, 5 routines prior to performance time, or in the evening preceding subsequent competition days. Please have back-up music available.
 Competition may run up to one hour ahead of the posted schedule—please be prepared for this possibility.
 The Dance Down will be held just prior to Overall Group Awards Ceremony, as indicated by the schedule. Tickets may be purchased for $15.00 at the Spotlight Boutique.
 Studio Directors or their authorized agents ONLY may pick up the studio bag containing music, cash awards, and gift certificates at the end of the competition, or after the awards ceremony upon completion of ALL the studio’s routines.
 Photogenic pictures must be picked up from the Spotlight Boutique. Spotlight Dance Cup is not responsible for the return of any unclaimed photos or for any photo that is lost, misplaced, or stolen. Winning photos will be retained by Spotlight Dance Cup.
 Solicitation or advertising of any kind is prohibited.
 Please secure personal property, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items

 Teachers and performers ONLY are allowed backstage during their routine or when directed by the Stage Manager. Same gender parents and teachers ONLY allowed in dressing rooms.
 One studio representative is required to check in with the Stage Manager at least three routines prior to the performance. Failure to do so may result in the number being skipped and/or penalized.
 Competitors must notify the Stage Manager at the time of check in if they have any props or require the use of a microphone.
Food and beverage are not permitted backstage or in the dressing rooms.
 Rehearse and warm-up in the dressing areas or backstage only, not in any public areas.
All performers must clean up after themselves on stage and in the dressing rooms.



  1. If they run early, like they said up to an hour early. What time will Lyrics dances start right after the dinner break, so will they still take their dinner break at the same time, or will everything be earlier how do I know when to be there? Sommer (Lyrics Mom)


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