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Brigham Rehearsal & Ogden Company Recital TONIGHT!

3:30-4:00 3&4/5&6 Year Olds (JeriAnn's Classes)
4:45-5:15 5&6 Year Olds/Junior Team (Kenzie's Classes)
5:15-5:30 7&8 Year Olds (Raini's Class)

4:00-5:30 p.m. Solo pre-show
5:00 p.m.         All dancers arrive ready to perform
6:00 p.m.         Main Company Showcase for Ogden IDC and ADP teams

2015 Ogden Spring Company Recital 6:00 p.m.
1. New York, New York Elite ADP BH
2. Dance Party Mini IPC ML
3. Forever Young Senior ADP BH
4. Knockout Petite IDC JV
5. Somewhere Only We Know Tiny IDC KO
6. Salute Mini IDC ML
7. Showcase Performance Amber Williams AW
8. Lego Mini ADP ML
9. Apollo 13 Teen ADP KS
10. Swans Senior IDC KS
11. Ghost Senior ADP MS
12. Cranes Like Ships Elite ADP ML
13. Billie Jean Teen ADP BH
14. North Junior ADP BH
15. Let’s Get ridiculous Elite IDC AW
16. Wild Thing Mini IDC CA
17. It’s Tricky Tiny IDC AW
18. Open Hands Elite ADP MS
19. All at Once Teen ADP MS
20. Heartbreaker Senior ADP HW*
21. Run Boy Run Senior IDC ML
22. Lucky Mini ADP KO
23. Wherever He Ain't Junior ADP AW
24. Alice in Wonderland Elite ADP AK
25. The Edge of Glory Elite IDC LJ
26. Outliers Teen/Sr ADP Combined TG*
Intermission (10 min)
27. Chandelier Teen ADP ML
28. 99 Red Balloons Elite ADP KS
29. A Nightmare Senior IDC NP
30. Jet Set Tiny IDC JV
31. The League Teen ADP AK
32. Lady MacBeth Senior ADP KS
33. Supa Dope Mini IDC JV
34. Showcase Performance Hailee Payne HP
35. Classic Junior ADP JV
36. Fist Teen ADP BH
37. Sweet Dreams Senior ADP AK
38. Best, Best Elite ADP MD
39. A Voice Within Petite IDC CA
40. Tell My Mama Mini ADP AW
41. Pursuit Teen/Sr ADP Combined LI*
42. I Dare You Elite IDC ML
43. Bring Me to Life Junior ADP LJ
44. Hideaway Senior IDC AW
45. I Love It Petite IDC ML
46. Ribs Elite/Teen/Sr ADP MS/ML/MD


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Spotlight Competition Schedule & Info.

EVENT LOCATION Cyprus High School, 8623 W 3000 S, Magna, UT 84044
Dancers should arrive ready to go 2 hours prior to scheduled performance time or when doors open, whichever is first. Spotlight is known for often running ahead of schedule. This competition may run as much as 1-1 ½ hours ahead of time. Please allow plenty of time to travel, park and walk to the venue.
Please be aware of event guidelines. Be respectful at all times and follow rules regarding photography, food, etc. SPOTLIGHT REQUIRES DANCERS TO WEAR WARM UPS OR STUDIO SHIRTS, JACKETS ETC. IN ALL COMMON AREAS WHEN NOT PERFORMING. School will be in session on Thursday and Friday so don't arrive prior to door open times on these days. NOTE THE DAY AND ESTIMATED PERFORMANCE TIME ON THE FAR RIGHT

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Open Invitation for Boys Hip Hop Class - May 31@ 6 PM!

All boys are invited to a Hip Hop Master class on Thursday, May 31, at 6 PM @ Ogden Infinity Studio (2761 S 1900 W, Ogden). There is no cost and this is a great chance to get a feel for our program and meet some of our instructors. This class is open to the public so come learn more about our Boys Crew Opportunity!! 

Hollywood Vibe Info & Convention Class & Competition Schedule

A message from the director of Hollywood Vibe:


We are excited to let you know about some new things we will be offering this season at Hollywood Vibe!

As we have done for the past years in creating our city highlight videos, we would like to capture this from the dancers/teachers/parents perspective!
*Thus we would love for you capture footage from Hollywood Vibe that you shoot in class, pre-function areas, in the hotel, city, and use the #hollywoodvibe & tag @hollywoodvibe.
*Be Creative and your footage may be chosen to appear in our city highlight videos that are shown at the end of the weekend and on social media!
*Be sure not to shoot competition routines though!

Please bring proper attire for all classes and get ready for an awesome weekend!!