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March 10-12 Solo/Duo/Trios Registration

Please review the following registrations to make sure your dancer's information is correct. The deadline to make changes is Monday, 2/1, at noon. Any changes after that may be subject to the competition's $20 change fee. Please tell your friends and teammates who might not see this post. This competition calculates ages as of January 1 and drops the decimal. If you have questions about the divisions, please check with your choreographer or refer to the rules section on the website
REMINDER - ALL TEAM FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR SOLOS. Unpaid solo registrations or accounts with a balance will be pulled from the studio registration on 2/1. Please check with the office if you have ANY questions. Thanks!


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Olympus High School Performing Arts Center 4055 South 2300 East
Holladay, Utah 84124

General information for the competition is below. The competition may run up to one hour ahead of schedule. Please arrive two hours before your first scheduled routine. Bring your warm ups and wear them in all public areas. Also, please review and abide by photography rules and policies on food in the theater and dressing rooms. Spotlight was amazing and we are ready to end our competition season with another INCREDIBLE weekend!!!
THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017 Dressing rooms open at 3:15pm
Lobby opens at 3:15pm
Theatre opens at 3:45pm
Competition begins 4:00pm
Awards 9:30pm
Preteen solos, preteen Duo/trios, teen solos, teen Duo/trios

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017 Dressing rooms open at 3:15pm
Lobby opens at 3:15pm
Theatre opens at 3:30pm
Competition begins 3:45pm awards 10:05pm
Senior solos, senior Duo/trios, premier solos, premier Duo/trios, teen groups, senior groups

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 201…

Releve Preliminary Schedule

Spotlight General Schedule