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Ridgeline Performance Line Up

Please arrive ready to go by 5:15 p.m. Address to the school is 180 North 300 West, Millville. The show starts at 6:00 p.m.
1.           Camp Dance                                                 Aeriettes
2.           Afro Circus                                                    Tueller’s
3.           Specialty                                                       Aeriettes
4.           Lights, Camera, Action                                Rhythm Connection
5.           Way Down We Go                                       Izzy Glaittli        
6.           Smooth Criminal                                          Dance Source
7.           Rain                                                                Dance Illusion
8.           Angel Halos                                                   Air Bound
9.           Friend Like Me                                             LaShars
10.         Elite Jazz                                                        The Edge
11.         Military                                                          Aeriettes
12.         Fever                                                              Tueller’s
13.         Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That                Rhythm Connection
14.         Uprising                                                         Infinity
15.         Heads Will Roll                                             Dance Illusion
16.         Elite Hip Hop                                                 The Edge
17.         The Garden                                                   Dance Source
18.         Jazz/Dance                                                    Aeriettes
19.         Angels Silver                                                 Air Bound
20.         Can Can                                                         Tueller’s
21.         Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself                    LaShars
22.         The Jungle                                                     Tueller’s
23.         Hand’s Clap                                                   Infinity
24.         Kick                                                                 Aeriettes
25.         Forever Young                                              Dance Illusion
26.         Salute                                                             LaShars
27.         Elite Contemporary                                     The Edge
28.         School Girls                                                   Rhythm Connection
29.         Go Get It                                                        Dance Source
30.         The House                                                     Infinity
31.         Hip Hop                                                          Aeriettes 
*Introduction of 2017-2018 Aeriettes

Dancers are admitted for free - wear your warm ups! Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 5. Entrance will be through the north main door, the gym is just to the left as you walk in.

There will be another event going on the auditorium so parking might fill up on the north side but there is also parking along the south side of the building. Performances will face the north side of the gym. Thanks!


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Spotlight Competition Schedule & Info.

EVENT LOCATION Cyprus High School, 8623 W 3000 S, Magna, UT 84044
Dancers should arrive ready to go 2 hours prior to scheduled performance time or when doors open, whichever is first. Spotlight is known for often running ahead of schedule. This competition may run as much as 1-1 ½ hours ahead of time. Please allow plenty of time to travel, park and walk to the venue.
Please be aware of event guidelines. Be respectful at all times and follow rules regarding photography, food, etc. SPOTLIGHT REQUIRES DANCERS TO WEAR WARM UPS OR STUDIO SHIRTS, JACKETS ETC. IN ALL COMMON AREAS WHEN NOT PERFORMING. School will be in session on Thursday and Friday so don't arrive prior to door open times on these days. NOTE THE DAY AND ESTIMATED PERFORMANCE TIME ON THE FAR RIGHT

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•Parking: Due to it being spring break at Weber State, the normal pay parking lots near the Val Browning Center are open and will have free parking.
•Dancer Arrival Time: All solo, duet and trio performers need to check in upon arrival AT LEAST 45 MINUTES PRIOR to their scheduled performance. Please be early! If we are running ahead of schedule, we will not wait for latecomers. Any music CD's can be submitted at this time. 
•Music CD Option: If music is not uploaded to website, each routine's music should be burned SEPARATELY on a CD. Please mark your studio's (or soloist's) name and the routine name clearly on each CD. No CD's will be accepted with multiple tracks.
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