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Welcome Back and Fundraising info.

We hope that you all have enjoyed your break the last 2 weeks, but we are so excited to have everyone back! All classes resume this week starting September 9th.


Hi Parents and Dancers of Infinity Dance,
It is that time of year again for the Scentsy Fundraiser. Dancers will earn 25% of all
sales (Before taxes), anyone that sells more than $500 will receive 30% of all
sales. This year we will be doing the fundraiser starting on Monday, September 9 th .
We will have packets at the studio for you or your dancer to pick up. If you know
you would like to participate by doing online orders only, you can go to and click on the “Infinity Dance Fundraiser” link. We will have
instructions for online ordering at the studio to pick up and also included in the
fundraiser packets. All online orders will be directly shipped to the customer. For
online orders, make sure to text the customer name and your dancers name to Ann
@ 208-760-7566 or Samantha @ 801-663-3477 to make sure you get credit for
those orders. We will collect packets on September 30 th . It is important that packets
are turned in on time so commissions can be paid before fees are due in October. We
will deliver orders to the studio the week of October 14th. All orders will be sorted,
bagged and ready for delivery. All participants will receive a Scent Circle of their
choice (excluding Disney). Commissions will be paid to the studio by October 15th.

There will be prizes for the top three earners.
1 st Place: $100 in free Scentsy product
2 nd Place: $60 in free Scentsy product
3 rd Place: $30 in free Scentsy product

If you have any questions please contact us: Samantha Cheney 801-663-3477 or

Ann Smith 208-760-7566


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