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UDF Schedules APRIL 24-25th

Please link to the Utah Dance Fest website for schedule information. There are still a few last minute changes being made so I suggest checking back again a few days before the competition. Thanks! (solos)

Find your solo category at the link above and match it to the category time schedule at the bottom of the UDF solo page. A general quick reference time schedule is also listed here:
Friday, April 24

A:  Solo  Novice  5-­‐6  yrs 2:00-­‐2:30pm
B:  Solo  Novice  7  yrs 1:45-­‐2:15pm
C:  Solo  Novice  8-­‐9  yrs 1:15-­‐1:45pm
D:  Solo  Novice  10  yrs 10:00-­‐10:30am
E:   Solo  Novice  11-­‐12  yrs  ~  Jazz 9:30-­‐10:00am
F:   Solo  Novice  12-­‐13  yrs  ~  Ballet/Lyrical/Contemp 9:00-­‐9:30am
G:  Solo  Novice  13  yrs  ~  Jazz 11:15-­‐11:45am
H:  Solo  Novice  14+  yrs  ~  Jazz 10:30-­‐11:00am
I:    Solo  Novice  14+  yrs  ~  Lyrical/Contemp 11:00-­‐11:30am

J:    Solo  Intermediate  6-­‐7  yrs  ~  Jazz 11:45am-­‐12:15pm
K:    Solo  Intermediate  8-­‐9  yrs  ~  Jazz 11:00-­‐11:30am
L:    Solo  Intermediate  8-­‐9  yrs  ~  Ballet/Lyrical/Contemp 10:45-­‐11:15am
M:  Solo  Intermediate  10-­‐11  yrs  ~  Lyrical/Contemp 10:15-­‐10:45am
N:   Solo  Intermediate  10-­‐11  yrs  ~  Jazz 9:00-­‐9:30am
O:   Solo  Intermediate  10-­‐11  yrs  ~  Lyrical 9:30-­‐10:00am
P:    Solo  Intermediate  12  yrs  ~  Contemporary 9:45-­‐10:15am
Q:   Solo  Intermediate  12  yrs  ~  Jazz 12:00-­‐12:30pm
R:   Solo  Intermediate  12-­‐13  yrs  ~  Lyrical 3:45-­‐4:15pm
S:   Solo  Intermediate  12-­‐13  yrs  ~  Boys 5:45-­‐6:15pm
T:   Solo  Intermediate  13-­‐14  yrs  ~  Jazz 4:00-­‐4:30pm
U:  Solo  Intermediate  13-­‐14  yrs  ~  Contemporary 6:30-­‐7:00pm
V:  Solo  Intermediate  15+  yrs  ~  Contemporary 4:30-­‐5:00pm
W: Solo  Intermediate  15+  yrs  ~  Jazz 7:00-­‐7:30pm
X:  Solo  Intermediate  15+  yrs  ~  Lyrical 6:00-­‐6:30pm

Y:  Solo  Advanced  9-­‐10  yrs  ~  Jazz 11:30am-­‐12:00pm
Z:  Solo  Advanced  9-­‐10  years  ~  Lyrical/Contemp 1:45-­‐2:15pm
AA:   Solo  Advanced  11  yrs  ~  Jazz 11:45am-­‐12:15pm
BB:   Solo  Advanced  11-­‐12  yrs  ~  Lyrical/Contemp 1:45-­‐2:15pm
CC:   Solo  Advanced  12-­‐13  yrs  ~  Ballet/Lyrical 2:45-­‐3:15pm
DD:  Solo  Advanced  13  yrs  ~  Contemp 2:15-­‐2:45pm
EE:   Solo  Advanced  14  yrs  ~  Lyrical/Contemp 3:15-­‐3:45pm
FF:   Solo  Advanced  14-­‐15  yrs  ~  Jazz 5:45-­‐6:15pm
GG:   Solo  Advanced  15  yrs  ~  Contemporary 3:45-­‐4:15pm
HH:   Solo  Advanced  16  yrs  ~  Contemporary 6:00-­‐6:30pm
II:    Solo  Advanced  17  yrs  ~  Contemporary 7:15-­‐7:45pm
JJ:    Solo  Advanced  18  yrs  ~  Contemporary 7:00-­‐7:30pm
KK:    Solo  Advanced  15+  yrs  ~  Jazz 4:15-­‐4:45pm
LL:    Solo  Advanced  15+  yrs  ~  Lyrical 6:30-­‐7:00pm

MM:    Solo  Pre-­‐Professional  ~  Contemporary 7:30-­‐8:00pm
NN:    Solo  Pre-­‐Professional  ~  Lyrical 7:30-­‐8:00pm
OO:    Solo  Pre-­‐Professional  ~  Jazz 6:45-­‐7:15pm

PP:    Duo/Trio  Novice  Mini 2:30-­‐3:00pm
QQ:    Duo/Trio  Novice  Junior 2:30-­‐3:00pm
RR:    Duo/Trio  Intermediate Tiny/Mini 3:00-­‐3:30pm
SS:    Duo/Trio  Intermediate  Junior/Teen 3:00-­‐3:30pm
TT:    Duo/Trio  Intermediate  Senior 3:15-­‐3:45pm
UU:    Duo/Trio  Advanced 3:30-­‐4:00

Saturday, April 25

1 Infinity Dance New York, New York Advanced Jazz Junior

3 Infinity Dance The Game Novice Jazz Junior

6 Infinity Dance Toy Soldier Intermediate Jazz Junior

8 Infinity Dance I Dare You Intermediate Jazz Junior

9 Infinity Dance Open Hands Advanced Lyrical Junior

12 Infinity Dance Bring Me To Life Intermediate Jazz Junior

13 Infinity Dance Stand By Me Novice Lyrical Junior

15 Infinity Dance Alice in Wonderland Advanced Open Junior

18 Infinity Dance Everywhere I Go Intermediate Lyrical Junior

20 Infinity Dance The End of Glory Intermediate Lyrical Junior

22 Infinity Dance North Intermediate Lyrical Junior

24 Infinity Dance Jet Set Novice Jazz Tiny

26 Infinity Dance Salute Novice Jazz Mini

27 Infinity Dance SOS Novice Jazz Junior

29 Infinity Dance This is How We Do Novice Hip Hop Junior

31 Infinity Dance I Love It Intermediate Jazz Mini

33 Infinity Dance Tell My Mama Intermediate Jazz Mini

34 Infinity Dance Train of Love Novice Jazz Mini

36 Infinity Dance Somewhere Only We Know Novice Lyrical Mini

38 Infinity Dance Wild Thing Novice Lyrical Mini

41 Infinity Dance That's Love Novice Lyrical Junior

43 Infinity Dance A Voice Within Intermediate Lyrical Mini

45 Infinity Dance Lucky Intermediate Lyrical Mini

48 Infinity Dance Somewhere Over the Rainbow Novice Lyrical Mini

50 Infinity Dance It's Tricky Novice Hip Hop Mini

52 Infinity Dance Supa Dope Novice Hip Hop Mini

55 Infinity Dance Rowboat Novice Hip Hop Junior

57 Infinity Dance Knockout Intermediate Hip Hop Mini

59 Infinity Dance Lego Intermediate Hip Hop Mini

60 Infinity Dance Work Senora Novice Hip Hop Mini

63 Infinity Dance Best, Best Advanced Hip Hop Junior

64 Infinity Dance Glamourous Intermediate Hip Hop Junior

66 Infinity Dance Classic Intermediate Hip Hop Junior

68 Infinity Dance I Like to Fuss Novice Jazz Tiny

70 Infinity Dance Let's Get Ridiculous Intermediate Hip Hop Junior

74 Infinity Dance Ring Them Bells Intermediate Novelty/Musical TheaterJunior

77 Infinity Dance What She Saw Novice Jazz Teen

79 Infinity Dance Run Run Run Novice Jazz Teen

82 Infinity Dance Wherever He Ain't Intermediate Novelty Junior

84 Infinity Dance Candyland Novice Lyrical Tiny

87 Infinity Dance Cranes Like Ships Advanced Open Junior

90 Infinity Dance Chandelier Pre-Professional Open Teen

94 Infinity Dance Dance Party Novice Hip Hop Tiny

98 Infinity Dance All At Once Pre-Professional Jazz Teen

101 Infinity Dance 99 Red Balloons Advanced Lyrical Junior

114 Infinity Dance Billie Jean Pre-Professional Jazz Teen

117 Infinity Dance Light That Match Novice Lyrical Teen

122 Infinity Dance Ribs Pre-Professional Show/Production Teen

127 Infinity Dance I Know Places Novice Lyrical Teen

130 Infinity Dance Pursuit Pre-Professional Jazz Teen

132 Infinity Dance Fist Pre-Professional Lyrical Teen

135 Infinity Dance Coca Cola Advanced Jazz Senior

138 Infinity Dance Ghost Pre-Professional Jazz Senior

141 Infinity Dance Give Me the Beat Novice Hip Hop Teen

144 Infinity Dance Tomorrow Advanced Contemporary/Modern Teen

148 Infinity Dance Sweet Dreams Pre-Professional Open Senior

150 Infinity Dance The League Pre-Professional Hip Hop Teen

153 Infinity Dance Run Boy Run Advanced Jazz Senior

158 Infinity Dance Forever Young Pre-Professional Lyrical Senior

161 Infinity Dance Seven Devils Advanced Lyrical Senior

163 Infinity Dance Swans Advanced Lyrical Senior

166 Infinity Dance Outliers Pre-Professional Hip Hop Teen

169 Infinity Dance Opulence Novice Hip Hop Teen

171 Infinity Dance BroStep Advanced Hip Hop Senior

174 Infinity Dance Off the Floor Pre-Professional Open Senior

176 Infinity Dance Apollo 13 Pre-Professional Contemporary/Modern Teen

179 Infinity Dance Hideway Advanced Hip Hop Senior

182 Infinity Dance Heartbreaker Pre-Professional Hip Hop Senior

185 Infinity Dance A Nightmare… Advanced Contemporary/Modern Senior

188 Infinity Dance Lady MacBeth Pre-Professional Contemporary/Modern Senior

8:30-9:00 am #1-9
9:00-9:30 am #10-19

9:30-10:00 am #20-29

10:00-10:30 am #30-38

10:30-11:00 am #39-48

11:00-11:30 am #49-55

11:30-12:00 pm #56-65

12:00-12:30 pm #66-75

12:30-1:15 pm PRELIMINARY AWARDS - Overall SDT Winners Perform

1:15-1:30 #76-80

1:30-2:00 #81-90

2:00-2:30 #91-99

2:30-3:00 #100-109

3:00-3:30 #110-118

3:30-4:00 #119-127

4:00-4:30 #128-136

4:30-5:00 #137-145

5:00-5:15 #146-150


6:00-6:30 #151-158

6:30-7:00 pm #159-168

7:00-7:30 pm #169-176

7:30-8:00 pm #177-185

8:00-8:10 pm #186-188



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