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Hall of Fame Highlights!!

What an amazing weekend at Hall of Fame!! Everyone was so awesome and it was a great way to start off our competition season! Here are a few highlights:

MVP Award Winners

Future Hall of Famer • Solo (Top Overall Score)
#1   Maile Judkins in Be Italian

Junior • Solo • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#3   Alivia Shaw in What Really Lies At The End Of The Rainbow
#4   Halle Allen in Clay

Junior • Solo • National League (Top Overall Scores)
#3   Sadie Johnson in Coward
#4   London Andreasen in What You Wanna' Do

Teen • Solo • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#2    Lexi Wells in Dandelion Wine
#7   Cayli Niederhauser in How It All Went Wrong
#8   Ashlynn Wilson in Skin And Bones
#8   Alanys Castellanos in Twilight
#8   Kaylee Allshouse in The Promise

Teen • Solo • National League (Top Overall Scores)
#2   Sydney Johansen in Asylum

Senior • Solo • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#3   Daisy Hadfield in Once I Was Loved
#4   Kylee Allen in Where Were You
#6   Kenidee Allen in Cain

Junior • Duet/Trio • American League (Highscore)

Junior • Small Group • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#1    The House
#2   I Put A Spell On You

Teen • Small Group • American League (Top Overall Score)
#1   Runaway

Teen • Small Group • National League (Highscore)
Sellers Of Flowers

Senior • Small Group • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#1   Mourn With Those Who Mourn
#2   Inside The Mind Of An Assassin

Future Hall of Famer • Large Group (Highscore)
Life Inside The Music Box

Junior • Large Group • American League (Highscore)

Teen • Large Group • National League (Top Overall Scores)
#1   All The Way
#3   Votes For Women

Senior • Large Group • American League (Top Overall Scores)
#1   Optimistic
#3   Bonfire
#3   Sweeney Todd
#4   Music Box

Teen • Line • American League (Highscore)
Mad City

Teen • Production (Top Overall Scores)

#2   Wild Wild West


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