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Final Solo Pre-Show Line Up - May 15

Solo music has been uploaded through the studio. If you need a back up, please bring a CD. The sound system at the Egyptian is not compatible with iphones. Soloists in the first half of the show (1-22) should arrive when doors open at 3:30 p.m. Soloists in the second half of the show (23-44)should arrive by 4:00 p.m. We anticipate the pre-show will run a little ahead of schedule.

Please bring cash or check $15 if you haven't already paid your solo fee. Thanks!!

Ogden Solo Preshow 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Dancer(s)                                               Routine

1.       Alexis Wilson                                  Make Me a Star

2.       Lily Duran                                       Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

3.       Cate Compton                               When Stars Go Blue

4.       Avery & Breeley                            Music

5.       Juliet Hanks                                    Came Here to Party

6.       Ella Christensen                             Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous

7.       Maile & Avery                                Wind it Up

8.       Presley Gonzalez                           God Bless the USA

8.5  Kelcey Day                                      Tip Toes

9.       Demi Larsen                                   Me, Too

10.   Kamry Gibson                                American Girl

11.   Breeley Larsen                               Sharp as a Razor

12.   Hallie & Lauren                              Envy

13.   Avery Garrett                                 Mama You

14.   Avery Shaw                                     Bruh

15.   Olivia Barker                                   Sassy

16.   Brooklyn Whiting                          Keep Breathing

17.   McKenna Wycherley                     Love Sick

18.   Alivia & Hadlee                              Fergalicious

19.   Aspen Reeve                                   Dance Like Your Daddy

20.   Sydney Johansen                           Trouble

20.5 Emee Felt                                      Alright                              

21.   Dossan Bell                                     Numb

22.   Jazmin Slaugh                                 Dive in the Pool                            

23.   Halle Allen                                       Eleanor Rigby

24.   Azure Stettler                                 A Friend Like Me

25.   Olivia Toliver                                  Let the Light Flow In

26.   Kaylie Herrera                                Rule the World

27.   Annelise Yeates                             You Don’t Know Me

28.   Alanys Castellanos                        Wolf

29.   Rylie Herrera                                  Water from Moon

30.   Gracey Gibson                               You Can’t Hide

31.   Lexi Christiansen                           Lantern’s Lit

32.   Madeline Hanks                            The Fault in Our Stars

33.   Baylee Miller                                  We are the Ones

34.   Henry Brewer                                 Small Things

35.   Lindsie McFarland                         Cold Hearted Snake

36.   Kennedy Baxter                             Ave Maria

37.   Lexi Wells                                        Better Now

38.   Delany Stettler                               Time

39.   Jenna Bierer                                   Requiem Waltz

40.   Audrey Haskell                               Cool Girl

41.   Shanae Larsen                                No Fear in Love

42.   Addison Bell                                   Captured

43.   Emilia Brewer                                 This is My Hand

44.   Daisy & Jagger                                My Girl


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Olympus High School Performing Arts Center 4055 South 2300 East
Holladay, Utah 84124

General information for the competition is below. The competition may run up to one hour ahead of schedule. Please arrive two hours before your first scheduled routine. Bring your warm ups and wear them in all public areas. Also, please review and abide by photography rules and policies on food in the theater and dressing rooms. Spotlight was amazing and we are ready to end our competition season with another INCREDIBLE weekend!!!
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