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Ogden Loyalty Awards

The following dancers are scheduled to receive loyalty awards at the Ogden Recitals. Please e-mail if any corrections need to be made. Thanks!

Ogden Loyalty Awards

3 Year Awards
Olivia Barker
Kennedy Baxter
Jenna Bierer
Lauryn Carino
Rylie Cassity
Averi Clark
Cate Compton
Ella Dawson
Hannah Dawson
Mady Dawson
Avery Garrett
Gracey Gibson
Mckinley Gifford
Brielle Gonzalez
Kapree Gonzalez
Berkeley Hales
Savanna Holbrook
Tyler Grace Holbrook
Kadence Hutchinson
Jerzee Judkins
Khloe Kawaguchi
Ellie Kelson
Breeley Larsen
Halli Moellendorf
Jagger Moon
Korie Mullen
Kaydree Orr
Hayden Perry
Aspen Reeve
Brinley Roche
Dustie Ryan
Olin Smith
Rylie Sparrow
Paislee Strand-Kemp
Taylee Wilson

5 Year Awards
Henry Brewer
Ella Christensen
Ambree Duran
Lily Duran
Kenzie George
Kaylie Herrera
Rylie Herrera
Maile Judkins
Kenya Karras
Kaiya Kawaguchi
Meridian Rasmussen
Norah Searle
Cassidy Swita

10 Year Awards
Kenidee Allen
Kylee Allen
Emee Felt
Kinlee Felt
Meekela Medina
London Roche
Delany Stettler
Alexis Wilson


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Ogden Recital Rehearsal – Monday, May 6 @Bonneville High School
3:45 Comp 3&4 Year olds Rec (do not need to stay for finale rehearsal) 4:00 Comp 3&4 Comp (Jenessa) 4:15 Mini ITC 4:30 Comp 5&6 Year olds/Boys Crew 4:45 Junior ITC & Elite ITC 5:00 Finale Rehearsal (ALL Ogden dancers and ADPS performing in the recital - except Tiny IPC, 3&4, 5&6 Year olds and ITC teams) 5:30 Break 6:00 Main Show Starts
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NRG Competition & Convention Schedule

March 28-30
Ogden Eccles Convention Center 2415 Washington Blvd, Ogden

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IMPORTANT: Spotlight Competition Info.

Spotlight Competition April 25-27 Mountain America Expo Center 9575 State St Sandy, UT 84070
Please arrive 2 hours before your first scheduled routine or when doors open. You will need extra time to find parking and walk to the venue. Be early for this competition. Spotlight often runs up to an hour ahead of schedule. Admission is free.
Recording at this competition IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND THIS IS ENFORCED. Don’t jeopardize your dancer’s routine being penalized and please tell all your family the rules. Review the spectator guidelines below. We appreciate great sportsmanship!!
Spotlight requires dancers to wear warm ups in all common areas when they aren’t performing. Also wear your warm ups for award ceremonies.
Bring extra attire if you plan to participate in the dance down.
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