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Spotlight Final Schedule - THURSDAY

Spotlight Dance Cup
Salt Lake City, UT (2)
Cyprus High School
8623 W 3000 S, Magna, UT 84044

Please arrive two hours before your first scheduled routine or when doors open.


Final Schedule

Doors Open/Teacher Check-In (45 mins) (start back 06:00 PM)
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Musical TheatreParticipantExtended Time
1     ADELAIDE'S LAMENT     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Journey Dye
2     BORN TO ENTERTAIN     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Peyton Barney
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Hip-Hop
2.5     CIRCLE OF LIFE (Title)     1     T     Jazz Dancer Studio Ryder Harrison
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Jazz
3     WILD CHILD     1     D     The Dance Project SLC Luhndyn Allen
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
4     FRERE JAQUES     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Miley Avila
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
5     PARTY GIRL (Title)     1     D     The Dance Project SLC Samantha Bluth
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Jazz
6     STAND DOWN     1     F     Heart N Soul Dance Sayla Larsen
7     EXPENSIVE     1     F     Heart N Soul Dance Brynn Lindley
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Open
7.5     BUSINESS OF LOVE (Title)     1     T     Jazz Dancer Studio Kayten Olsen
8     FLAUNT IT     1     D     The Dance Project SLC Brinley El-Bakri
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
9     FRAGILE     1     D     The Dance Project SLC Luhndyn Allen
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Duo/Trio ~ Open
10     I DO ADORE     3     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Halle Arrive-Tapoof, Mckaydee Ruud, Miley Avila
Petite: 8 & Under ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
11     SAMANTHA BLUTH (Title Piece)     1     D     The Dance Project SLC Samantha Bluth
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
12     MOMMA I'M A BIG GIRL NOW     1     L     The Dance Project Sophia Adams
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
13     CRUELLA DEVIL     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Josie Sheilds
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
14     BIG AND LOUD     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Grace Evans
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
15     CASTLE ON A CLOUD     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Whitley Nyberg
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
16     EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Tatum Bird
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
17     TROUBLE     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Jilli Nyberg
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
18     SHOW OFF     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Paizlee Ruud
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
19     TOMORROW     1     P     Infinity Dance Norah Searle
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
20     NAUGHTY     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Zolei Walker
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
21     UNDER THE SEA     1     P     Infinity Dance Jacee Wardle
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
22     EVIL LIKE ME     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Addy Nyberg
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
23     SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW     1     P     Infinity Dance Lily Duran
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
24     LIFE OF THE PARTY     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Cecilia Lamb
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
25     LOOKING GOOD, FEELING GORGEOUS     1     P     Infinity Dance Ella Christensen
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Musical Theatre
26     LEGALLY BLONDE     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Cali Kielbasa
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
27     I FEEL BETTER WHEN I'M DANCIN'     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Sophie Kynaston
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
28     GREAT BALLS OF FIRE     1     P     Infinity Dance Lexee Allen
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
29     SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Danyelle Shields
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Open
30     WHEN WILL MY LIFE BEGIN     1     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Mckaydee Ruud
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
31     SET IT OFF     1     P     Infinity Dance Aspen Wardle
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Hip-Hop
32     BRUH     1     P     Infinity Dance Avery Shaw
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Jazz
33     SHARP AS A RAZOR     1     P     Infinity Dance Breeley Larsen
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Solo ~ Lyrical
34     PLEASE DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME     1     P     Infinity Dance Madison Argyle
35     WASTING MY YOUNGER YEARS     1     P     Infinity Dance Sydnee Forsgren
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Duo/Trio ~ Open
36     BEST FRIENDS     2     O     Dye'n 2 Dance Tatum Bird, Zolei Walker
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Duo/Trio ~ Acro Dance
37     WIND IT UP     2     P     Infinity Dance Avery Wilson, Maile Judkins
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Duo/Trio ~ Jazz Funk
38     HOLLA AT THE DJ     2     P     Infinity Dance Kenya Karras, Senika Seager
Novice Gems (Recreational) ~ Duo/Trio ~ Jazz
39     MUSIC     2     P     Infinity Dance Avery Shaw, Breeley Larsen
Break (10 mins) (start back 08:18 PM)
Awards (15 mins) (start back 08:33 PM)


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